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TW- This post has mentions of suicide. If you think you could get triggered, please stop reading here.

ろろちゃん@jc3(@rorochan_1999 on Twitter), was a 14 year old girl who streamed on sites such as FC2, Niconico, TwitCast, and Ustream. She primarily streamed herself studying, playing piano, or browsing 2chan. She was very popular on FC2 at the time, having over 2000 viewers on her streams at one point, making her first place on the rankings for the most viewed stream at one point.

Source- This tweet from FC2's bot

On November 24th, 2013, she started a stream titled 暗黒(Ankoku), meaning darkness, on FC2. This would become her last stream. She shows herself climbing up the stairs, standing on a trash can from her room, and climbing off the 13-14th story of the emergency stairway of her apartment. She was found at 3:55 AM, by a woman delivering newspapers, who quickly called 110(the Japanese emergency number to call the police). Although the police performed CPR, her lungs and heart had already stopped, and her death was confirmed in the hospital around 3 hours later.

From the chat log of her last stream, you can see that except for 2-3 users(who were clearly pedos), her viewers were trying to help her, and no one was "daring her to do it". Below are a few examples.

Anon- You okay?

Anon- Just go back to your room

Anon- That’s dangerouuuuuusssssssss

Yukkii- You’ll be stung by insects, let’s go back

Anon- She’s gonna do something scary

Anon- I’m just scared she’s gonna do smth unexpected

Anon- Let’s just calm down, and talk it out

Sources- Asagei (1), Stream Chat Logs

The following quotes from students in her school prove that she didn't commit suicide due to any bullying.

"Child A started to skip school quite a bit after becoming a 3rd grade student, but she wasn't necessarily bullied or hated. When at school, she stayed pretty quiet, and acted like she'd rather be left alone than be talked to"

"There was a girl in the same grade that Child A was close with, and they had a friend whose birthday was coming up soon, so they both went to choose a present for them. She didn't even show any signs of having any troubles at all that day, so the friend looked sad, saying "I don't know why she committed suicide so suddenly".

Source- Asagei (2)

From this conversation between two supposed classmates of Roro, she was a good student, although she seemed to have some trouble with sports. (Note that there is no proof that these people are actually from her school, all we know is that their tweets blew up online at that time, and received a lot of hate, leading one of them to delete their Twitter account, while the other made theirs private.)

@horidaikon omg she lives like so close to me lololololol I’ve hung out with her before lmaooo the really smart girl lol

@horidaikon she’s reaaaaly slow at running so she wasn’t liked that much in sports events...she was like an otaku who was good at school cuz she could type fast

@horidaikon ugghhhhh so annoyinggg (--) we’re having a hard time with entrance exams here u know? She was always 1st place in tests so the guy in second is happy about it lol Monday, do we have to have like a moment of silence? Listen to the principal’s long ass speeches?

Full conversation- Horidaikon and Gifir

Although we can't have a definitive answer on why she decided to take her own life, the closest thing we have are her posts on 2chan, which she posted a few days before her final stream. Here are a few quotes from those posts. (These posts may not make sense, that's how they originally were).

I want to do a suicide stream. A serious one, and I’ll do it in a way FC2 won’t delete it, so it would have blown up.

Maybe I’ll have threads made dedicated to me on Nyu-soku.

Because I’ve been a normal cute girl today That’s why, if I die, I think people will be really surprised.

Then today. I realized “I should just jump off!” and I’ll be a legend. And then I think, “I’ll have everyone’s attentiooooooon” I’ll have a thread on Nyu-soku. I thought that’ll be really nice.

That’s why if I post this today, I wouldn’t be scared when I fall. I know it’s creepy. I’m sorry please forgive me. And then, I think if my blood gushes out everyone will watch me.

And people I don’t know will watch me. I’ve thought about this for a while. I’m thinking about becoming a legend after dying. It’s the same as when I didn’t stop when I did my first stream on TwitCast.

Note- Nyu-soku is a popular thread on 2chan.

Full post from Roro- 2chan (Roro)

If you would like to know more about Roro, taking a look at the things on this site(articles, blogs, tweets etc which have all been translated into English), is a good start. Below are a few pages on this site which I recommend you read first.

2chan (Roro) Horidaikon and Gifir Stream Chat Logs News Articles/Blogs Basic Information DEBUNK/FAQ

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