Forget Prime Day: the best PS5 4K gaming monitor is back down to its lowest-ever price (2024)

Forget Prime Day: the best PS5 4K gaming monitor is back down to its lowest-ever price (1)

If you’re looking for the perfect screen to be a companion for your console, but don’t want to pay a premium for it, well, you’re in luck. A spectacular high-end 4K display, the Sony Inzone M9 doesn’t just pair beautifully with the PS5 – and Xbox Series X and PC, of course – it's also currently available at its best-ever price, having been reduced back to the seriously tempting price of $698 at Amazon, down from its original price of $899.99.

An absolute bargain when it was first slashed down to this price in February 2024, this is still a tremendous deal, especially for one of the best monitors for PS5. In fact, despite its premium features, this deal brings the Sony Inzone M9 firmly down into the mid-range bracket. Not bad given its detailed 4K picture, 144Hz refresh rate and cutting-edge gaming features. If this is what you want from a screen, it may not be worth waiting for the full Amazon Prime Day deals.

Today's best Sony Inzone M9 deal

Forget Prime Day: the best PS5 4K gaming monitor is back down to its lowest-ever price (2)

Sony Inzone M9: was $899.99 now $698 at Amazon
Put simply, this is one of the best monitors you can buy for the PlayStation 5, and this deal means you’re getting it at an unbeaten price. It’s the perfect pal for your PS5 – unsurprisingly, given it’s designed by Sony itself – offering a gorgeously crisp 4K picture, lightning-fast refresh rates, Auto HDR Tone Mapping, Auto Genre Picture Mode and great connectivity. Reduced by more than $200, this is a killer price for such a powerful, versatile gaming monitor.

The Sony Inzone M9 is an excellent choice of gaming monitor at any price – this recent price reduction just sweetens the deal, making it a bargain you shouldn’t miss. Thanks to its full-array backlight with 96 dimming zones, it offers seriously contrasty HDR pictures, while its 4K resolution will show off your games in astonishing detail. It’s also staggeringly fast: both its 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms GTG response time will make it ideal for twitch gaming where every fraction of a second counts.

Even better, it’s crammed with gaming features that make it a great fit for your PS5. Thanks to its HDMI 2.1 connection, it offers cracking current-gen features such as variable refresh rates. And PlayStation exclusive features like Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode ensure that games will always look their best without loads of messing around with picture settings. And if you’re more of a PC gamer, it still has plenty to offer, such as a built-in KVM switch, which allows you to control two computers with one keyboard, mouse and headset.

No wonder then we recommend the Sony Inzone M9 as the best monitor for PS5 in the premium price bracket. And if you’re looking for more bargain deals, make sure you check out our Prime Day deals guide for all of the latest discounts.

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Forget Prime Day: the best PS5 4K gaming monitor is back down to its lowest-ever price (2024)


Forget Prime Day: the best PS5 4K gaming monitor is back down to its lowest-ever price? ›

A spectacular high-end 4K display, the Sony Inzone M9 doesn't just pair beautifully with the PS5 – and Xbox Series X and PC, of course – it's also currently available at its best-ever price, having been reduced back to the seriously tempting price of $698 at Amazon, down from its original price of $899.99.

Do you need a 4K gaming monitor for PS5? ›

On top of that, having a monitor with HDMI Forum VRR support also helps reduce screen tearing while gaming. The PS5 supports 1080p, 1440p, and 4k signals, so you can get a monitor with any of those resolutions, but a 4k display delivers the most detailed images.

Should I get a 1080p monitor for PS5? ›

If the smoothest possible action in single-player games is what you prefer, or you need to make sure you get every advantage possible in online or competitive play, then choosing 1080p will get you the performance to achieve both.

How to choose a 4K gaming monitor? ›

You need a speedy UHD display: With a 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate, you won't need to worry about laggy 4K performance. ✅ You'd rather avoid OLED: Those of you who don't like even the notion of screen burn will appreciate this IPS panel, as it's less likely to suffer from those symptoms.

What refresh rate monitor for PS5? ›

Opt for a monitor with at least a 1080p resolution, a high refresh rate (preferably 120Hz or higher), low response time for minimal input lag, and HDMI 2.1 support for the best PS5 experience. Additionally, features like HDR support, adaptive sync technologies, and colour accuracy enhance the overall gaming experience.

Is 4K or 1440p better for gaming? ›

Just like monitors, 4K on-screen content is generally sharper and clearer than the 1440p one. For gamers who own an Xbox One or PS5, if you're looking at upscaling 1440p to 4K for all of your games, you can tell the difference between these two resolutions right away.

Will the PS5 play 4K at 120Hz? ›

All the existing UHD 4K gaming monitors support 4K@120Hz on PS5 and Xbox Series X, please stick to following steps to enable the function. First of all, make sure the game title supports 120Hz refresh rate. 4. Done.

Can PS5 run 1440p 120fps? ›

And yes, 120Hz mode works fine in 1440p. In fact, the PS5 is more likely to reach 120Hz in 1440p than in 4K.

What is the best resolution for PS5 gaming? ›

✅ You want 4K resolution with 144Hz refresh rate: If you're looking to push the PS5 to the limit and ensure you have the chance to run that sweet 4K resolution at super-fast frame rates, then the Gigabyte Aorus FI32U can offer exactly that.

What matters when buying a gaming monitor? ›

After considering factors such as resolution, refresh rate, response time, panel type, connectivity options and size and aspect ratio, it should be a little easier to find the best gaming monitor for you. If you are new to video games, a good gaming monitor within your budget should be perfect.

Do I need a 4K video card for a 4K monitor? ›

Can my computer handle a 4K monitor? Your computer needs to have a compatible graphics card capable of supporting 4K resolution. Check your graphics card specifications to ensure it can handle 4K output.

Is it worth getting a 4K monitor for gaming? ›

A 4K monitor offers a higher resolution than a standard 1080p monitor, resulting in sharper and more detailed visuals. This can enhance the gaming experience, especially for games with intricate graphics and textures.

Is it worth getting a 120Hz monitor for PS5? ›

If you're only planning on using your TV to watch films and TV shows, then 120Hz may not be worth it. Filmed content most usually plays at around 30FPS. 30FPS content can easily play just right on a 60Hz display. If you're planning on using the screen for gaming, then a 120Hz display might be just right!

What are the best settings for PS5 gaming monitor? ›

We suggest you set it up at 1440p and leave all the settings for 120Hz output on Automatic. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is supported as well, and you will be amazed by the combination of HDR and OLED.

Is the PS5 better on a monitor or TV? ›

If silky smooth, lightning-fast frame rates are your primary concern for PS5 gaming then a monitor is going to be the better option. While many gaming TVs now offer 120Hz refresh rates, monitors have made their own leaps and bounds and can offer this rate - and more.

Can you play PS5 on a non 4K monitor? ›

If all goes well, you can then use 1440p at up to 120Hz. And yes, 120Hz mode works fine in 1440p. In fact, the PS5 is more likely to reach 120Hz in 1440p than in 4K. We've tested an entire range of BenQ MOBIUZ high refresh rate gaming monitors on PS5 and all passed the 1440p 120Hz test.

Is a PS5 pointless without a 4K TV? ›

I used my PS5 recently on my 32-inch 1080p TV and it looked noticeably worse than on my 4K TV. Ehh, kinda. At that size the difference between 1080p & 4K will be hard to notice unless you are sitting very close to your TV.

Do I need 4K HDMI for PS5? ›

While the majority of games are 4K 60Hz or lower, means a premium HDMI cable is still just fine for a PS5.

Is 4K 120Hz necessary for PS5? ›

So, if you want to get the most out of the PS5's display capabilities, you'll need one of the best 120Hz 4K TVs for new-gen gaming that supports it. With the higher frame rate offering lower input latency, knowing how to enable 120Hz on PS5 is a must for completive, fast-paced gamers where every second counts.

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