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MILLENNIAL REIGN Announce New Album, World On Fire:
Album Release: June 14, 2024

Press Release / US melodic power metal band MILLENNIAL REIGN will release their new album World On Fire via Ulterium Records on June 14th, 2024. The album will be available on CD, limited vinyl editions and digitally.

After completing their previous album The Great Divide, plus all show and festival commitments, Travis Wills (CRIMSON GLORY, INFIDEL RISING) stepped down as fill in vocalist for the band. MILLENNIAL REIGN found their new full time vocalist in Tiffany Galchutt, a fantastic female vocalist with an impressive range and tons of experience from performing with bands around the Dallas, TX area. Pedro Cortes also stepped in as the band's new drummer alongside current members Neil Bertrand (bass) and Dave Harvey (guitars, band founder).

MILLENNIAL REIGN have over the years shared stage with bands like ACCEPT, STRYPER, DELAIN, SONATA ARCTICA, HAMMERFALL, PETRA, Y&T, THEOCRACY and many others, and also played at Exodo Fest in Mexico twice. Last year they played their debut show in Europe at Elements of Rock in Switzerland together with MAJESTICA, WYTCH HAZEL and others.

World On Fire was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Harvey at The Upper Room Studio, while cover art was created by Jan Yrlund (BATTLE BEAST, APOCALYPTICA, DELAIN).

The new album has everything you expect from MILLENNIAL REIGN, and more! Powerful vocals, impressive musicianship, a solid production, epic symphonic elements, memorable melodies and uplifting lyrics! The album should be perfect for fans of power metal, melodic metal and female fronted metal bands. Led by vocalist Tiffany Galchutt and with a really strong new album behind them MILLENNIAL REIGN is ready to hit the stage and show the metal scene that they are a force to be reckoned with!

World On Fire track listing:

1. “Exousia”
2. “Bring Me To Life”
3. “Wandering”
4. “Trust”
5. “We Follow On”
6. “Eternity”
7. “Parousia”
8. “Crack The Eastern Sky”
9. “Tongues Of Fire”
10. “World On Fire”
11. “Onward To Victory”
12. “Allied Forces”

Ulterium Records online: &


World On Fire digital pre-order:

World On Fire orange/black splatter vinyl pre-order:

World On Fire black vinyl pre-order:

World On Fire CD pre-order:


* WORLDVIEW, “The Chosen Few” lyric video:

The song is the title track to the groups M24 Music Group debut full length released in 2015. WORLDVIEW is scheduled to release its sophom*ore album Invincible in the summer of this year.

* STRYPER acoustic project update (Facebook - April 12, 2024):

“We're here to share a major update: the Stryper acoustic project is being re-released in new and exciting ways!
Initially, when we decided to offer Acousticyzed two-disc sets directly to consumers, we were extremely cautious with production. Since this project was entirely self-funded and independently released, it was crucial for us to assess interest before taking an even bigger leap.

“ you may be aware, the sets sold out very quickly, and we can't thank you enough for making that happen.
That said, we've heard your feedback loud and clear! You want MORE.

“We're thrilled to announce a partnership that will take this project to the next level. We're teaming up with a company to elevate the experience and bring you some incredible new products. This collaboration will allow us to expand our formats to include vinyl, CDs, DVDs/Blu-rays, and even cassettes.

Stay tuned for more details and release dates. We'll also have these items available for purchase during our upcoming "To Hell With The Amps" tour:

“We are incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for your unwavering support of this project, and we can't wait to share this next chapter with you!”

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RANDY ROSE, Sacrificium Re-issue On Retroactive Records:
CD Release: April 4, 2024 / Vinyl Release: May 21, 2024

Press Release / For years, Randy Rose, drummer and co-founding member of iconic Christian rockers MAD AT THE WORLD, infused the band's sound with a powerful hard rock essence. However, it was in 1991 that he truly elevated his music to new heights with the release of his raw and haunting album Sacrificium under Intense Records. This debut album exudes a distinct DANZIG vibe, especially evident in Randy's vocals. The music itself is a slow, brooding amalgamation of doomy sludge, heavily influenced by the likes of BLACK SABBATH and TROUBLE.

Tracks such as "Oppression" and the more spirited "Wicked Ways" immediately captivate listeners, with the latter boasting a chorus that lingers in your mind long after the song ends: ‘Would someone please release me, from the ways of this world’. Similarly, the relentless riffs of "Black Harvest" are bound to have metal heads head banging to its infectious groove, while "Walls of Hate" showcases a monstrous BLACK SABBATH-inspired riff, complemented by stellar guitar work from Randy's brother, Roger Rose.

While the DANZIG comparisons are warranted, the album draws from a plethora of influences, making it a multifaceted masterpiece. This re-mastered edition of Sacrificium by Retroactive Records in 2024 is a must-have for any fan of dark and heavy classics. Packaged in a jewel case with an expanded 8-page lyrics booklet and a special message from Randy Rose himself, this limited release of just 300 CDs ensures its status as a cherished collector's item.

Sacrificium track listing:

1. “Pain”
2. “Oppresson”
3. “Fire”
4. “I Was Alive”
5. “Wicked Ways”
6. “Black Harvest”
7. “Marshmallow Land”
8. “Wall Of Hate”
9. “Death”
10. “Sacrificium”

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Sacrificium CD ordering details:

Sacrificium vinyl pre-order:

ROSE, Healing Re-issue On Retroactive Records:
CD Release: April 4, 2024 / Vinyl Release: May 21, 2024

Press Release / The drummer and founding member of the iconic Christian rock band, MAD AT THE WORLD, Randy Rose hit all the right notes with his doom-laden second album from 1993, Healing. HM Magazine called it ‘a full-on blitzkrieg assault that hard rockin’ metalheads will drool over’. Healing pulls from bands like BLACK SABBATH, DANZIG, and TROUBLE. Influenced by SABBATH classics like “Iron Man”, Healing is a masterpiece in part because of masterful writing, but also the accomplished doom-style riffing from guitarist Steve Kamanda. Virtually every track is a riff-tastic earworm. Passionate, unrelenting, pulsating riffs. The kind you grab onto and never let go. The kind you are thrilled to hear, no matter how many times you’ve heard it before.

This is an essential dark and heavy classic and the 2024 CD re-master on Retroactive Records features a jewel case and an expanded 12-page lyrics booklet, and even a special write-up direct to fans from Randy Rose! Limited to just 300 CDs!

Healing track listing:

1. “R.I.P”
2. “Fallen”
3. “When I Let You In”
4. “Seeds Of Sorrow”
5. “My Lies”
6. “Hooked”
7. “Healing”
8. “D.O.P.”
9. “Demons”
10. “Never Enough”
11. “On My Knees”

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Healing CD ordering details:

Healing vinyl pre-order:


* New album on the way from THE BRAVE (Facebook - April 3, 2024):

“Greetings in Braveworld! We are happy to announce that pre-sales for our new album, Carnival Of Sins, will kick off next weekend after our Area 312 Interview drops on April 13. COS will be available early summer, featuring all-new Brave tunes that are sure to keep you rocking all summer long! You can hear clips on our Area 312 interview with Kent and Rex. Get ready for some of the best material of our career. Carnival Of Sins - who's ready?”

* EMANATE is a new project from Lary Dean (TRYTAN) with Eric Gillette (NEAL MORSE BAND, TEMIC) along with an amazing team of extraordinary, gifted, talented and anointed guest artists. Musically, the groups debut Among The Nations is a progressive metal meets classic rock life changing ‘praise meets metal’ joyride that you’ll want to get on and not want to get off of!

The first single drops before the end of April, with the album scheduled for release on Retroactive Records (CD) & WorldLight Music (digital ) by the end of May.

* SIGNUM REGIS release new single, “No Middle Ground”:

Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, KAMELOT, EVERYGREY), “No Middle Ground” is available on all digital platforms:

Apple Music:

Bassist Ronnie König offers his thoughts on the new single:

"'No Middle Ground' is a song we recorded during the Undivided sessions. It has a slightly different vibe compared to the other Undivided songs, so we decided to release it as a dedicated single. This song is for fans of classic metal in the style of Judas Priest or Accept, featuring some fine riffing and sing-along parts. I think it sounds great and I hope you will enjoy it!”


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Vocalist Chaz Bond Offers His Thoughts As Founding Member Of BIOGENESIS (Facebook - April 2, 2024):

“So let me tell you a little about life as founder of BioGenesis. Most of you see the art work on the covers. You see the band photos, the videos and you can play the songs anytime you want. Some wonder why I have considered making the next one the final chapter. The truth is, being a founder is not All peaches and roses. For those who may not know, I chose to form and name the band prior to talking to potential members to join. I wanted to make sure that I owned the platform no matter who joins or departs. This was not about power. I was tired of being in bands that would write 10 songs then 1 or 2 members would abruptly leave and the band would dissolve. I took the Megadeth approach so that the band and the vision would live on as long as I was at the wheel. Let me give you a behind the scenes fact about how I run this ship.

“Once a member is invited to join, I will never tell them how to play. I will never ask a guitarist to change a solo. I may have an idea from time to time but the idea only becomes a part of the song if that member likes the idea. This is part of the reason that each era has its own feel. I believe every musician should play what they feel. I don’t believe in the whole puppet master strategy. However, when it comes to my role as vocalist and lyricist, I expect the same respect in return. Stay in your own lane. Do what you are great at. Let me do what I am called to do on this platform. When this simple rule is followed, the band has made its best music. When it is not, it usually ends up with someone leaving.

“Yes, it’s true. I write bravely and unapologetically and especially in Bio. Bio is my soap box. I take my freedom of speech quite seriously. Anyone who attempts to challenge that right will be walking out the door. I have written about abortion, suicide, physical/emotional abuse, the Salem witch trials, the Jim Jones Koolaid cult just to name a few. I’ll admit it is not for everyone. However, it is always for someone. I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I face these evils head on. I always have. At times it has brought some division within the band. Around 2000, we had a drummer who was offended by the song “Fat Man From China”. He ended up getting into my face at one point. He was out and a year later. “Fat Man From China” was easily our most popular song and is still one if not our biggest classic to this day. Through the years I’ve had members try to conspire to toss me out of my own band. In the early years I had (new) members who wanted me to take down the biography page because they did not want fans to know that I was actually the founder. They wanted people to assume that we all formed at the same time. The band was already around for 5 years before they joined. At the time, one of them said ‘that was a different BioGenesis’. Um, no. I would absolutely love to be a fly on the wall if a new member of Megadeth were to say that to Dave Mustane. I’ve been given ultimatums about my lyrics and had members leave when I resisted. My freedom of speech will NEVER be fore sale. Sorry it’s nothing personal but for me it is very much so like sacred ground. I could say so much more but I will stop here with stories of drama.

“Sometimes doing what you are called to do will bring you trouble. This led to the crucifixion of Christ. So I’m not shocked when there are walls attempting to stop or slow me down. Through the years, I have seen many lives touched by these songs. A girl came to us after a show, tears flowing after hearing one of our songs that night. I received an email from a girl thanking me for our song about suicide. She told me, she decided not to take her own life after hearing it. Another man came to me in tears to ask me about the same song. This is just a handful of the things I have witnessed. So, no I will not water anything down for you. I will not compromise my words. As long as Bio lives on I will continue to write what I feel led to write and I will perform where I am led to go and I will continue to reach out to those in darkness who just need someone to show them that the light is real. If you can’t handle the heat, you might wanna stay away when “Hells Carnival” is unleashed”.

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New 7" Single From WYTCH HAZEL, "Ride On":

Bad Omen Records: "On a holy roll after the success of their stunning 2023 album IV: Sacrament, Lancastrian heavy metal apostles WYTCH HAZEL ally themselves with the underground pomp wizardry of Phantom Spell for an addictively flippable split seven-inch. From the diamond grooves and emotive hooks to the antiquarian sleeve art, apparently depicting a woodland encounter between Robin Hood and Gandalf, this is an artifact dripping in the ethos and atmosphere of long ago.

With their open-hearted chivalric anthem "Ride On," WYTCH HAZEL effortlessly extend their yawning purple patch, Colin Hendra’s devout troubadours currently among the hottest names in British heavy metal, even while rocking white spandex and singing songs to the glory of God. As with so many great WYTCH HAZEL tunes across four superb albums since 2016, this almighty galloping earworm will swiftly munch its way through the corpuscles in your head, its gorgeous guitar solo slithering gracefully along your cortex, warping time to convince you this has surely been a family favorite drive time rock classic for decades.

Between them, WYTCH HAZEL and Phantom Spell shoot a beam of brilliant light into our modern darkness, affording us a chance to glimpse other times and other worlds. Seize it."

Listen on Spotify:

Buy 7" Vinyl:

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VENI DOMINE, Fall Babylon Fall & Material Sanctuary Re-issues On Melodic Passion Records:
Album Release: Summer of 2024

Swedish progressive doom metal act received a high level of acclaim from critics and fans alike with the release of its first two albums, Fall Babylon Fall (1992) and Material Sanctuary (1994). Good news is that despite being out of print and hard to find collectors items for years, both albums are scheduled to be re-issued on Melodic Passion Records in August/September of 2024.

Gatefold white or black vinyl will be limited to 300 numbered copies with liner notes. CD version will feature bonus material.

As noted by guitarist Torbjörn Weinesjö (Facebook - March 26, 2024):

“Finally there is some news on the re release of these albums. It’s been a long, long process winding slowly forward for years. Not possible really, you need a guy like Christian Liljegren (Melodic Passion Records founder) to pull it off. Happy to have Janne Stark (Graphic Design) on the project. These guys have tons and tons of experience. The crown jewel is that they are nice guys as well.”

Material Sanctuary took first position in an Angelic Warlord article outlining the top 50 albums from the nineties, while Fall Babylon Fall placed fifth.

Fall Babylon Fall lineup:

Fredrik Ohlsson - Lead Vocals
Torbjörn Weinesjö - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Magnus Thorman - Bass, Backing Vocals
PA Danielsson - Keyboards
Thomas Weinesjö - Drums, Backing Vocals

Fall Babylon Fall track listing:

“Face Of The Prosecutor”
“King Of The Jews”
“In The Day Of The Sentinel”
“Wisdom Calls”
“O Great City”
“The Chronicle Of The Seven Seals”

Material Sanctuary lineup:

Fredrik Ohlsson - Lead vocals, Guitars, Backing Vocals
Torbjörn Weinesjö - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Magnus Thorman - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mats Lidbrandt - Keyboards
Thomas Weinesjö - Drums, Backing Vocals

Material Sanctuary track listing:

1. “The Meeting”
2. “Ecclesiastes”
3. “Material Sanctuary”
4. “Ritual Of The Sinner”
5. “The Mass”
6. “Behold The Signs”
7. “Wrath Of The Lion”
8. “Beyond The Doom”
9. “Baroque Moderne”


Re-mastered 2024 by CJ Grimmark (NARNIA, ROB ROCK, JERUSALEM, MICHAEL SWEET) for Lighthouse Mastering.

Updated graphic design by Janne Stark.

Fall Babylon Fall vinyl pre-order:

Fall Babylon Fall CD pre-order:

Material Sanctuary vinyl pre-order:

Material Sanctuary CD pre-order:

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New STRYPER Album Update From Vocalist Michael Sweet:
Courtesy of

STRYPER recently entered the studio to begin recording the follow-up to 2022's The Final Battle album.

Earlier today, STRYPER front man Michael Sweet, who is responsible for almost all of the songwriting in the band, took to his social media to write: "I've completed the lead vocals and now I'll spend the next few days writing and arranging my guitar solos. Then we'll begin final mixing and mastering will be completed by 4/20.

"I must admit that I was a little nervous about my voice but in all sincerity, it seems fine to me. I didn't have any trouble tracking vocals and if anything, it seemed a little easier this time around.

"I have to say that this album has a very special signature. It has a heaviness, yet at the same time, a very melodic approach and a bit more of a 'sing-along' style when it comes to the choruses. I'm really pleased with the results and I truly believe it will be at the top of everyone's ‘best of’ list. There are some stand out tracks to my ears already but I won't go into details quite yet. Bottom line, a KILLER new STRYPER album is coming!"

Last September, Michael said that he wanted “to branch out a bit” on the next STRYPER album "and try some new things and I also want to get back to some 'pop metal' on a few tracks as well."

In December, Sweet underwent partial thyroidectomy, the surgery to remove part of his thyroid gland. It is the most common surgery for thyroid cancer.

The follow-up to 2020's Even The Devil Believes, The Final Battle was produced by Sweet and was once again recorded at SpiritHouse Recording Studios in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Formed 41 years ago, STRYPER's name comes from Isaiah 53:5, which states: "But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisem*nt of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed."

STRYPER's albums include To Hell With The Devil, Second Coming, No More Hell To Pay, Fallen, God Damn Evil and the aforementioned Even The Devil Believes and The Final Battle.

Michael is joined in STRYPER by his brother Robert Sweet (drums),Oz Fox (guitar) and Perry Richardson (bass).

STRYPER's "To Hell With The Amps: The Unplugged Tour" will kick off in late May. For the first time ever, the Christian rockers will stage a full tour where they will perform their hits and fan favorites acoustically.

STRYPER online: &


* MESSIAH PROPHET, live at Flevo Total Festival in de Netherlands, August 1987:

* WYTCH HAZE, live at Hell’s Heroes VI in Houston, Texas, March 2024:

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DALE THOMPSON & THE BOON DOGS Set To Release Unfinished Business:
Album Release: April 19, 2024

Press Release / Who’s ready to take their third and most adventurous journey with Dale Thompson on this wild blues ride as Roxx Records debust the brand new album Unfinished Business.

This brand new album from DALE THOMPSON & THE BOON DOGS does not hold back on those killer blues tunes, featuring 15 brand new incredible tracks of smokin' blues headed up by one of Christian rock's great metal vocalists, Dale Thompson of the band BRIDE.

This new album features riffs, solos, and fiery hot fret boards that'll make your ears bleed. You love fast paced, fist-pumping, foot-stompin’ red hot bluesy guitar? Then this is your kind of music.

If you thought the first two DALE THOMPSON & THE BOON DOGS albums were good, you're going to be blown away by this new smokin' blues album, Unfinished Business. If you thought Dale was all about the metal, you were definitely wrong, the man can sing the blues! Blues is something that is definitely in Dale's blood and this album sure does pull out all the stops. If you like slow burning blues guitar, in the vein of ZZ TOP, ERIC CLAPTON, JOHNNY LANG, JOANN SHAW TAYLORE, DARRELL MANSFIED and GLENN KAISER, this one is going to get a lot of plays and spins. It's simply a masterful blues album with red hot guitar solos and pure raspy vocals that only Dale can pull off.

Dave Kruse from The Covenant Metal Show had this to say about the new album: ‘This is a pretty good blues album with 15 incredible tracks, with a hard edge in sound and style. Some of the songs remind me of early ZZ Top’.

Today we kick off this amazing new album with the first single “Nehemiah’s Wall” (embedded above).

As noted by vocalist Dale Thompson: ‘You have never heard blues like this. The Boon Dogs is a blues band solidified in using the basic grooves and creating purely original compositions around them. The Boon Dogs is everybody that plays on each individual song at that time. The players from one album to the next will change, yet the groove remains the same. Unfinished Business is on its way. I promise you will want to get your hands on the third installment. If you have our first two albums, then you know we will push the labels in order to achieve distinction. So, save a couple bucks each week and when it drops get your pre-order through Roxx Records. Thank you for your support’.

Unfinished Business track listing:

1. “Jacob Dug The Well”
2. “Blood Of The Lamb”
3. “Town Where No Man Got Off”
4. “I Plead The Blood”
5. “Great Day In History”
6. “Awake And Sing”
7. “Take Up Your Bed”
8. “Patience Of Job”
9. “Millstone”
10. “Error Of Balaam”
11. “John The Revelator”
12. “Nehemiah's Wall”
13. “Psalm”
14. “I Feel Haunted”
15. “Your Will Be Done”

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Unfinished Business pre-order:

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Roxx Records Announce New RAINFORCE Album, Almost Holy:
Album Release: April 19, 2024

Roxx Records is very excited to be partnering once again with one of the most amazing Christian rock bands in Switzerland today, RAINFORCE.

Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed debut full length album Lion’s Den (2017), which also featured a special guest appearance from Rex Carroll of WHITECROSS fame, and with their prior debut release the EP Rock And Roll (2019), RAINFORCE’s third release is upon us!

Almost Holy, the bands brand new album encompasses the familiar stylistic repertoire any rocker would hope for, that killer traditional hard rock and old-school heavy metal sound merged into eleven supercharged songs. In fact, even a tender moment of wistful balladry makes its emotional mark on this new album on the track “Fortress Of Hope”. This album features much of the bands established trademarks with sleek arrangements, catchy riffs, earwig melodies and a groove to get the show going and heads a-banging.

RAINFORCE have constantly evolved from guitar player-songwriter Andy La Morte’s original 2016 studio project to a vivacious and driving band of like-minded cats who take no prisoners with their rock shows when they make those select live appearances. The band has also established a loyal and expanding fan base in their homeland and beyond.
Featuring the talents of Jordan Cutajar out front on lead vocals (NOMAD SON), Andy La Morte on rhythm guitars, additional vocals, songwriter, and co-producer (ex-DISOBEDIENCE, ex-PYLON), Michael Piranio on lead guitars, producer (WHYSMANSALD, ex EPHERMERA’S PARTY, ex-DESTRUCTION), Jan Thomas on bass (DREAMS IN FRAGMENTS, ELCANO, ADORAMUS) and Benjamin Mann banging them drums (POWER OF GOD). The fervent five have once again come together in the studio, aligned their talents and put them to good use to produce these eleven new and refreshingly powerful songs.

With this album title making such a bold and beautiful statement, we need to really take note of some of their powerful words and lyrics. Andy La Morte states in the track “Just Another Song” ‘… how white do we play our metal?’ Andy wants the world to know these lyrics are based on his faith and his outlook on the world. Many of the new songs have autobiographical traits, while others simply tell stories. They are meant to invite the listener in to reflect, but they may also provoke and rub some the wrong way. Regardless we hope they will also bring solace and encouragement as that is pure Rock’n’Roll

A video to the debut single and title track is embedded above.

This album also features several key guest appearances including Mick Jelinic (MORTIFICATION), Jonas Ambuhl (GOMORRA), Albert Bell (NOMAD SON, FORSAKEN) and Filipe Guzman Vincente.

All in all this is an excellent new album from Rainforce releasing via Roxx Records on limited edition CD on April 19, 2024. Pre orders will go live this Friday at a very special introductory price for a very limited time.

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Roxx Records online: &

RAINFORCE online: &

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ATKINS MAY PROJECT, Serpents Kiss Re-issue On Sleazy Rider Records:
Album Release: February 2, 2024

Press Release / Re-release to the debut album of ATKINS MAY PROJECT, the band of guitarist Paul May and singer Al Atkins, founder and original singer of JUDAS PRIEST!

Together they proudly fly the flag for Old School Classic British Hard Rock & Metal, a style that launched so many top bands from that genre and culture. Allan Atkins and Paul May had previously worked together on a whole collection of albums spanning over three decades before this collaboration. Their first album as the ATKINS MAY PROJECT emerged in 2011 under the title of Serpents Kiss. A classic hard rock album that will be loved from all fans of British hard rock and melodic heavy metal!

The re-release includes the bonus track “The Swallowing”.

Al Atkins was a founding member of JUDAS PRIEST, staying with the group from its 1969 inception until his departure in 1973, when he was replaced by the legendary Rob Halford. Since then, Atkins has released five solo albums, dating back to his 1990 debut Judgement Day but also including his most recent, Reloaded, from 2017, in addition to the 2010 self-titled debut of his Holy Rage project. Paul May, who also needs little introduction, has gained renown for being part of the traditional metal band A.N.D. at the time of its 1994 release Get Real while also performing on over 50 albums to date in both the secular and Christian arenas.

Serpents Kiss upholds the albums single selling appeal that ‘good and evil can in fact work together’, albeit as demonstrated in the lyrics, good, ultimately, comes out on top in the end!

According to the 85% Angelic Warlord review, ‘If your metal tastes trend towards both sides of the fence - and by that I am referring to Judas Priest, Accept and Iron Maiden (on one side) and Saint, Testify and Armageddon (on the other) - then I can see Atkins / May Project being of interest. Either way, the duo of Al Atkins and Paul May leave little doubt as to their abilities to stay true to their classic and traditional metal roots in no uncertain terms!’

Serpents Kiss track listing:

1. “The Shallowing”
2 “Traitors Hand”
3 “Dream Maker”
4 “Can You Hear Me”
5 “Signz”
6 “Fight”
7 “Judge”
8 “Betta Than Twisted”
9 “Cold Gin” (KISS cover)
10 “Theatre Of Fools”
11 “The Swallowing” (bonus track)

Serpents Kiss ordering information:


* Wendi & Glenn Kaiser of RESURRECTION BAND perform “Waves” on September 3, 2023:

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APPLEHEAD - The Light Side Of The Apple
The only real connection Applehead sophom*ore album The Light Side Of The Apple has to 1992 Ocean Records debut full length Meaning is the groups storied name, because it is nowhere near as modern and grunge aligned when placed alongside. Read Full Review >>

FLAMES OF FIRE - Our Blessed Hope
Vocalist Christian Liljegren has been one of the more prolific performers over the years, a particular realized in the plethora of bands and side projects bettering from his heartfelt and soulful mid-ranged vocal qualities. Read Full Review >>

JAGGED DOCTRINE - Eve Of Destruction
Jagged Doctrine joins the growing niche of bands to hire iconic Bride vocalist Dale Thompson to front its most recent album. Read Full Review >>

LEAH - The Glory And The Fallen
The name LEAH has become synonymous with symphonic metal, medieval folk music, Celtic impressions and ambient aesthetics for good reason: Each of the Vancouver, BC based songstress’ albums deliver on these key components. Read Full Review >>

PASTOR BRAD - Against The Grain
Pastor Brad ventures farther into classic metal territory than he ever has with the January of 2024 independent release to his most recent album Against The Grain. Read Full Review >>

PIKE, KEVIN - Heavenly Realms
The Roxx Records February of 2024 sophom*ore album Heavenly Realms from guitarist Kevin Pike blends eighties metal guitar shred and more moderate melodically driven moments within a head turning instrumental package. Read Full Review >>

SOLEDRIVER - Return Me To Light
Return Me To Light, the November Of 2023 Frontiers Music SLR debut full length from the Soledriver project of vocalist Michael Sweet and guitarist, bassist and keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio, emphasizes equal parts melodic hard rock and finely honed AOR. Read Full Review >>

WE ARE RESOLUTE - Fallen Angel
Songwriting wise Fallen Angel follows suite of its predecessors in mostly encompassing material in the good to very good range with a few clunkers thrown in but little if anything separating as truly great. Read Full Review >>


DISCIPLE, The Lost Disciple Reissue On Roxx Records:
Album Release: January 26, 2024

Press Release / Roxx Records did it again to kick off the new year! We found a long lost classic Christian metal album that was screaming for a re-master and reissue.

Coming your way from way down under, hailing from Australia we reached out to the members of.... DISCIPLE

No not that DISCIPLE, this DISCIPLE actually came first, but was very short lived unfortunately given the music and talent we see here today. So now we must revisit this long lost classic from 1988, from 36 long years ago, as we re-master and restore the bands classic 'cassette tape' only release Sacred Knights. But that's not all...

Roxx Records is excited to bring you The Lost Disciple by Australian rockers DISCIPLE a 12 track limited edition CD pressing featuring the original 9 tracks from their one and only cassette tape release Sacred Knights. We also have here three additional tracks to round out the recorded history of this classic band. Tracks 10 and 11 are from their 7" only record which contained two tracks that were sort of a pre release for what should have been the bands second album, which would unfortunately never come to fruition. Lastly track 12 is the last recording and a previously unreleased track entitled “No More Losin’”, which rounds out this beautiful 12 track release.

This release has been beautifully laid out with new cover art courtesy of NoLifeTilMetal Graphics, and an amazing new re-master from Bombworks Sound.

This limited edition release is the first time any of the bands music has ever been released on CD and this pressing is limited to only 300 pieces.

The Lost Disciple track listing:

Sacred Knights:

1. “Always On My Mind”
2. “Don’t Give Up”
3. “Sacred Knights”
4. “Meant To Be”
5. “Victory”
6. “Power And Glory”
7. “Never Too Far Gone”
8. “The Only Love”
9. “Kingdom Of The Lord”

7” Single:

10. “I Wanna See ‘Em There”
11. “The Foot Of The Cross”

Bonus Track:

12. “No More Losin’”

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The Lost Disciple pre-order:


* SAINT released a video to the song “The Chosen One”:

“The Chosen One” comes off the group’s 2022 Retroactive Records eleventh album Heaven Fell.

* A cover of the classic DIO song “Don’t Talk To Strangers” is the debut single from the forthcoming (summer of 2024) WORLDVIEW album, Invincible:

As noted by the group featuring vocalist Rey Parra (SACRED WARRIOR) and guitarist George Ochoa (DELIVERANCE): ‘Worldview members are all big Ronnie James Dio fans, and this cover is in honor of him’.

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New Album From ALL FOR THE KING, Darkest Before Dawn:
Album Release: March 29, 2024

Press Release / ALL FOR THE KING are back with their third full length release entitled Darkest Before Dawn. The band has seen critical success early on with their first two releases and has even been hailed by critics as a ‘modern day Black Sabbath’. Reviewers across the world have compared Erik Tilling’s guitar work to that of hard rock riff master Tony Iommi, and singer Ricard Hulteke to the legendary Glenn Hughes.

The bands humble beginnings started in 2016 in which it drew upon the heavy influences of bands like KING’S X and BLACK SABBAH. Over time, ALL FOR THE KING has cultivated its own unique mix, fusing classic rock and metal with more modern sounds. One of the tracks on Darkest Before Dawn features guest singer Ulf Christiansson, founder and singer of the band JERUSALEM (lyric video embedded above).

The album will be released on CD and limited edition vinyl via Roxx Records on March 29, 2024.

The bands self-titled debut 2017 album garnered rave reviews, such as:

‘The songwriting is of such quality, both in terms of heaviness and harmonies, that it might be taken as original material from the musical era that the band was inspired by’ (Urban Thoms, Dagen newspaper)

Then once again in 2022 with the bands sophom*ore release, Let There Be Light:

‘Listen! I would recommend this to anyone! I love the album! The more you listen to it the better it becomes! It’sjust epic great metal! Love it, love it, love it!’ (Leigh Spencer, Iridium Rock and Metal Review)


Ricard Hulteke - Lead Vocals
Erik Tilling - Guitar
Andreas Alov - Bass
Anders Kollerfors - Drums

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Roxx Records Announce New LATTER REIGN Album, Order To Chaos:
Album Release: March 22, 2024

Press Release / Roxx Records has once again partnered with legendary Christian rockers LATTER REIGN to bring you their third full length release entitled Order To Chaos.

While LATTER REIGN was still recording Latter Reign II, it had an opportunity to record at another studio. With the direction of Wes Colony and Larry Bolen, the band would decide to embark on another album and started writing and arranging songs with a fresher sound and attitude. After a few weeks of pre-production, the band booked the sessions and started recording with another music legend in the industry, Dino Maddalone. Dino had just finished recording and producing Christian recording artist, P.K. Mitchell at the time.

Nathan Post, who really believed in LATTER REIGN, made a substantial investment at the time to get the band started. LATTER REIGN had renewed hopes for a record deal, and about 10 new ‘edgier’ songs ready to record! Like many bands during the grunge wave, they scrambled to make their sound more relevant, and things were moving fast. What they ended up with was quite a bit heavier on some songs, a little experimental on others, while striving to conserve melody and their strong songwriting abilities.

As with Latter Reign II, the band could not allow this 30 year old project to remain in their vaults any longer. The band pulled it out re-mastered it, recorded one more brand new song to be released as a part of this brand new refreshed and restored release entitled Order To Chaos. For this new track, the band dug deep, and tried to recapture the spirit of what they had done 30 years prior with this the title track of this brand new release, Order To Chaos.

Lead Guitarist Brad Smith of LATTER REIGN had this to say about the new release” “We were recapturing a vibe from 30 years ago that’s a lot easier said than done, but we’ll let the listener decide. We may have just stumbled upon what a new LATTER REIGN record might sound like… at any rate, we feel like we have a complete album now, since we really like the title track idea with (first two albums) Live For the Day and Latter Reign II, and now Order To Chaos. We hope you enjoy it too”.

Featuring amazing new cover art, layout with 12 page lyric booklet and design by Scott Waters of NoLifeTilMetal Graphics.

Order To Chaos track listing:

1. “Chill”
2. “Change”
3. “Had A Dream”
4. “R U”
5. “Throw Me A Line”
6. “In My Life”
7. “S.O.T. (Sign Of The Times)”
8. “Order To Chaos”
9. Try Again
10. “Otra Vez” ("Try Again" - Spanish Version)

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A Glow In The Dark Age, PRINCESS PROJECT Re-issue On Roxx Records:
Album Release: March 22, 2024

Press Release / Roxx Records uncovers a long lost and out of print Christian metal GEM! Are you ready for the female fronted metal of Tammy Winters? What about guitars from Chris Steberl of PROJECT ALCAZAR? Not enough for you? What about a project featuring drums played by the Visual Time Keeper Robert Sweet (STRYPER) himself? Well get ready we’re taking you on another journey as we re-master and reissue A Glow In The Dark Age.

PRINCESS PROJECT was formed by Tammy Winters as she recruited Chris Stebrel who had originally wrote several of these tracks for his band ‘PROJECT ALCAZAR’, and Steve Theado also came aboard to write a couple songs for this project. Next Tammy would recruit the one and only Robert Sweet of STRYPER to record the drum tracks for this long lost recording. The result was A Glow In The Dark Age a 7 track album with heavy riffing, drumming and killer metal vocals.

Alas, like many amazing metal bands that tried to make a go of it in the mid 90’s the band would be very short lived. Never playing any live shows at all, and the only remnants of this classic band is the recording you are about to hear. A Glow In The Dark Age was originally only released on CD in 1996 in a very short run, and never has it been pressed to vinyl, until now.

Pre-orders will launch this Friday for the limited edition jewel case edition CD with full color 8 page lyric booklet. In addition, a very Limited ONE TIME pressing on vinyl A very special 140g heavy weight 45rpm orange colored vinyl limited to a 200 piece pressing and sure to become a collector’s item.

A Glow In The Dark Age track listing:

1. “Forgiven”
2. “Deliver Me”
3. “The Gate”
4. “Blood Brother”
5. “Serpents Son”
6. “Hatchet”
7. “Driftwood”

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LIQUENS, Live Version to Single “Cicatrizes”:

Press Release / With influences ranging from progressive to power to symphonic metal, LIQUENS is a band from Brazil that has been performing since 2015. The group has appeared at festivals throughout Latin America and has several previous releases, among them the audiovisual material called A Noite Escura da Alma, which gained another chapter with the recent release of the live version of the track “Cicatrizes”.

Originally released as the title track of the Cicatrizes EP in 2018, this live version was recorded on March 18, 2023 at Teatro de Bolso SESIMINAS in Belo Horizonte/MG with audio capture by Igor Leandro, lighting by Richard Filipe, mix and master by Wesley Lanzieri (also the band's guitarist) and video production by Junin Zex.

In the words of vocalist Ivete Lanzieri, ‘(the song) “Cicatrizes” is a composition created in the context of a story based on the duality of good versus evil. Being the music of resolving the tension that was developed in the previous songs and in the story built on the album. It begins with a prominent bass symbolizing the ‘evil that was triumphing’, the vocal lines translate human fragility. The guitar, representing ‘good’, arrives with enough presence to duel against the bass and that is why the music has its conclusion in this epic duel where the guitar triumphs after defeating its musical ‘opponent’’.

LIQUENS lineup:

Ivete Lanzieri - Lead Vocals
Wesley Lanzieri - Guitars
Ryan Soares - Bass
Marco Amorim - Keyboards
Esdras Freitas – Drums

Listen to LIQUENS on your preferred digital platform:

LIQUENS contact information:



*“New Era” is a new song from Macedonian gothic doom metal band MY DARKEST TIME:

It comes off the groups recently released (February 16, 2024) new album Fragile.

*“Archangel”, lyric video to the debut single from the new LEAH album The Glory And The Fallen:

The album also saw a February 16, 2024 release.

* “Man In The Mirror” is a new song from WHITECROSS:

The forthcoming WHITECROSS album Fear No Evil drops on March 22, 2024.

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Angelic Warlord Top 25 Albums of 1986:
A new Angelic Warlord article counting down the top ten albums of 1986 can be read: HERE


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STRYPER, Acousticyzed Details Revealed:
Album Release: February 16, 2024

Press Release / Two-disc set containing either an audio CD and DVD or CD and Blu-ray video.

The band's first acoustic album and video recorded and filmed at Spirit House Studios in 2021. This is a very limited pressing collector's-edition and features eleven beautifully recorded fan-favorites and hits, including a never before heard version of the spiritual classic "Amazing Grace". This album is not available on streaming services.

The video captures an intimate set of STRYPER performing the album live in the studio. It includes original members Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Oz Fox along with long-time member Perry Richardson.

*Bonus - Get $1.00 off a STRYPER Chocolate Bar when you purchase Acousticyzed. That's a pretty SWEET deal! Discount will automatically be applied at checkout

Acousticyzed track listing:

1. “You Know What To Do”
2. “Soldiers Under Command”
3. “No More Hell To Pay”
4. “Make You Mine”
5. “Loud & Clear”
6. “Lady”
7. “Honestly”
8. “Calling On You”
9. “Amazing Grace”
10. “Always There For You”
11. “All For One”

Acousticyzed CD + DVD pre-pre-order:

Acousticyzed CD + Blue Ray pre-order:

STRYPER online: &

TREASURE SEEKER, A Tribute To The Past Reissue On Ulterium Records:
Album Release: April 19, 2024

Press Release / Ulterium Records are proud to announce the reissue of A Tribute To The Past, the legendary and long out of print Christian metal tribute album originally released in 1998. The album includes cover versions of Christian metal classics from STRYPER, BLOODGOOD, BRIDE, SAINT, JERUSALEM, REZ, LEVITICUS, CREED and FORCE 3, as well as the original track "A Tribute to the Past". The album will be released on CD and digital download on April 19th via Ulterium Records.

The CD reissue includes a 20 page booklet with liner notes from all TREASURE SEEKER members, the legendary Pastor Bob Beeman, Heaven's Metal editor Doug van Pelt as well as band members and people that were involved with the bands that are covered on the album, including Richard Lynch and Josh Kramer from SAINT, Stephan Galfas, the producer of STRYPER’s To Hell With the Devil, Ez Gomér from LEVITICUS, Les Carlsen from BLOODGOOD, Glenn Kaiser from REZ, Ulf Christiansson from JERUSALEM, Charlie Wilson from FORCE 3, Dale Thompson from BRIDE and Tichy Casni from CREED.


Olaf Hayer - Lead Vocals
Andy Gutjahr - Guitars
Marc Piras - Guitars
William Hieb - Bass
Danilo Baldorf – Drums

Recorded & Produced by William Hieb and Michael Jesch
Mixed at Treasure Hunt Studios Hattingen
Cover painted by Enrique Nieto

A Tribute To The Past track listing:

1. “A Tribute To The Past” (TREASURE SEEKER)
2. “Too Late For Living” (SAINT)
3. “To Hell With The Devil” (STRYPER)
4. “Flames Of Fire” (LEVITICUS)
5. “Out Of The Darkness” (BLOODGOOD)
6. “Silent Screams” (REZD)
7. “Rebels Of Jesus Christ” (JERUSALEM)
8. “Warrior Of Light” (FORCE 3)
9. “Heroes” (BRIDE)
10. “Meet Again” (CREED)

A Tribute To The Past CD pre-order:

A Tribute To The Past digital pre-order:

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Ulterium Records online: &

DELIVERANCE, Intense Live Series Volume 1 Re-issue On Retroactive Records:
Album Release: February 21, 2024

Press Release / Originally recorded in 1992 and released on Intense Records in 1993, this album treats fans to a privileged insider experience with a live in-studio jamming session, something similar to METALLICA's $5.98 EP back in the 80's. You can hear the guys making some jokes, and of course playing hard and fast in their aggressive thrash style. There are six songs, the first a great cover of the “Surrender” from STRYPERs Soldiers Under Command. If you like old school thrash metal and early DELIVERANCE, Intense Series Live Volume 1 is essential.

Six-panel insert, jewel case, and perfectly re-mastered by Rob Colwell (CORONER, TOURNIQUET, BRIDE, SEVENTH ANGEL) for the maximum ear candy experience! Limited to just 500 units on Retroactive Records.

Intense Live Series Volume 1 lineup:

Jimmy P. Brown II - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Mike Phillips - Guitars
Brian Khairullah - Bass
Kevin Lee - Drums

Intense Live Series Volume 1 track listing:

1. (In Studio)
2. “Surrender” (STRYPER cover from Soldiers Under Command)
3. “No Love” (from Deliverance)
4. (In Studio)
5. “This Present Darkness” (from Weapons Of Our Warfare)
6. (In Studio)
7. “Stay Of Execution” (from Stay Of Execution)
8. (In Studio)
9. “The Call” (from Deliverance)
10. (In Studio)
11. “No Time” (from Deliverance)

Christian Metal Resource - Angelic Warlord (18)

Intense Live Series Volume 1 pre-order:

DIE HAPPY, Intense Live Series Volume 4 Re-issue On Retroactive Records:
Album Release: February 21, 2024

Press Release / In 1993, DIE HAPPY took part in the ‘Intense Live Series’, a set of several bargain-priced EPs commissioned by Intense Records to showcase the live talents of their roster's heavy hitters. The other four volumes featured DELIVERANCE, TOURNIQUET, MORTAL and ROSE. These sessions were recorded ‘live’ in a studio as opposed to at a concert. It gives the fan a priceless insider's view into the band experience. You can tell the members were having fun jamming together, even without the benefit of an audience.

The set list contains two tracks from the self-titled debut and two tracks from sophom*ore release Volume II. The band has a brilliant take on their classic "Temple of Soul," which treats fans to an exquisite and must-hear version leading some critics to say the track may be DIE HAPPY's finest recorded moment. Thirty-plus years later, expect this version to still send chills down your spine! Intense Live Series Volume 4 also featured one brand-new DIE HAPPY original "Endless Time" and a crunchy cover of the PETRA classic "All Over Me" (from More Power To Ya).

Re-mastered by Rob Colwell (DELIVERANCE, BELIEVER, FLOTSAM & JETSAM), the 2024 Retroactive reissue comes with over 30 minutes of music packaged with a 6-panel insert with a jewel case. Limited to just 500 CD world-wide.

Intense Live Series Volume 4 lineup:

Robyn ‘Kyle’ Basauri (JOSHUA, RED SEA, REIGN OF GLORY) - Lead Vocals
Doug Thieme (VENGEANCE RISING) - Rhythm Guitar
Greg Chaisson (BADLANDS) - Bass
Glen Mancaruso (VENGEANCE RISING) - Drums & Percussion

Intense Live Series Volume 4 track listing:

1. “Justified” (from Die Happy II)
2. (In Studio)
3. “Painted Truth” (from Die Happy I)
4. (In Studio)
5. “Temple Of Soul” (from Die Happy II)
6. (In Studio)
7. “Celebration” (from Die Happy I)
8. (In Studio)
9. “Endless Time” (previously unreleased)
10. “All Over Me” (PETRA cover from More Power To Ya)

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Intense Live Series Volume 4 pre-order:

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BLOODGOOD, Detonation Gold Disc Edition Re-issue On Retroactive Records:
Album Release: February 21, 2024

Press Release / Along with BARREN CROSS, STRYPER, and RESURRECTION BAND, Seattle, Washington based BLOODGOOD (formed in 1985) pioneered the sounds of Christian hard rock with a commercial success that bands like JERUSALEM and BARNABAS had only hinted at achieving. BLOODGOOD had the look and the sound - dressing in spandex and churning out loud, heavy metal music on the order of TWISTED SISTER, RATT, and QUIET RIOT.

On its 1987 sophom*ore effort Detonation, the band takes a heavier, more aggressive approach. This is straightforward traditional heavy metal at its finest. In addition, Detonation finds BLOODGOOD coming into its own as songwriters, delivering some of the most exquisite compositions of its career, many which remain concert staples to this day. Opening tracks “Battle Of The Flesh,” “Vagrant People,” and “Self-Destruction” hit hard and fast - almost approaching speed metal territory - but reflect the musical maturity focused bands make between their first and second albums. The semi-ballad “Alone In Suicide,” bluesy “Heartbeat (Of The City)” and catchy “Eat The Flesh” might take a more melodic heading but still showcase the trademark crunch characteristic of early BLOODGOOD. Where BLOODGOOD puts it all together is the joining of power and emotion that is the theatrical ‘rock opera’ of “Crucified” (as blistering a track as you will find) and “Messiah” (this one almost approaches melodic hard rock territory).

The best way to sum up would be to state that Detonation placed #8 in a poll in Heaven’s Metal Magazine of the top 100 Christian metal albums of all time. It also placed #15 in another poll of the top 100 Christian metal albums (Christian Metal Realm). It is such respect from critics and fans alike that allows the album to ultimately stand the test of time and be considered BLOODGOOD’s signature release.

The 2024 Retroactive Records GoldMax Gold CD reissue is a Collector’s Dream for such an important album - featuring a complete 2024 re-master by Rob Colwell (DELIVERANCE, KING’S X, VENGEANCE RISING), a deluxe 12-page booklet (featuring original cover art), with its jewel case wrapped in the Gold Disc cardboard O-ring for added elegance and protection. The O-ring features the classic image of the band running out of the castle (back of the original artwork). Limited to just 500 copies, trust us - this explosive reissue will blow you away! Boom!

Detonation track listing:

1. “Battle Of The Flesh”
2. “Vagrant People”
3. “Self-Destruction”
4. “Alone In Suicide”
5. “Heartbeat (Of The City)”
6. “Eat The Flesh”
7. “Holy Fire”
8. “Crucify”
9. “The Messiah”
10. “Live Wire”

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Detonation Gold Disc Edition pre-order:

DELIVERANCE, The Subversive Kind Gold Disc Edition Re-issue On Retroactive Records:
Album Release: February 21, 2024

Press Release / 2018’s The Subversive Kind, represents a ‘return to form’ of the DELIVERANCE old school speed metal and thrash beginnings. The group’s press material summarizes accordingly: “We’re going to give you, the fan, what you’ve been asking for and what you want - the old school thrash days of DELIVERANCE. Everything you’ve always loved about DELIVERANCE since the Greetings Of Death days - you’re going to get it with this record.”

True to form, The Subversive Kind is a classic thrash album complete with all the expected trimmings: unrelenting fast tempos, aggressive riffing, tenacious drumming, shredding guitar leads. Repeat listens reveal just how plentiful and impressive are the solos on each of the album’s tracks - each one including a lead guitar break to feature not only Greg Minier (THE CRUCIFIED) but also original DELIVERANCE/VENGENACE guitarist Glen Rogers, who lends his brash soloing abilities in explosive fashion. Consider “Epilogue” in this capacity, as found in its associating subtle melody and thick as-it-gets Impellitteri style guitars with a stretch of soloing that reflects an almost bluesy feel. Likewise, “Listen Closely,” thrash all the way but imparting some slower doom like tendencies and understated hooks, and “The Fold,” a choice cut with its anthem like Maiden-esque riffs and dogged-as-it-gets refrain, are also emboldened with lead guitar but of a more flashy variety.

At its heart, The Subversive Kind is a full on thrash masterpiece in the vein of DESTRUCTION, EXODUS, OVERKILL and SODOM. It is beautifully brutal in every way, filled with creativity and fervor that seeks to expand your mind and knock you on, ‘kiester!’ The 2024 Retroactive Records GoldMax Gold CD reissue is a Collector’s Dream for such an important album - featuring a complete 2024 re-master by Rob Colwell (DELIVERANCE, KING’S X, VENGEANCE RISING), a deluxe 12-page booklet (featuring original cover art), with its jewel case wrapped in the Gold Disc cardboard O-ring for added elegance and protection. The O-ring features the classic image of the band running out of the castle (back of the original artwork).

Oh, and the two first-time studio bonus tracks were recorded for fans just for this reissue, and they feature the classic DELIVERANCE line-up. The bonus tracks take this album from 31 minutes (original release) to 39 minutes of face-melting thrash and speed metal! This album features an All-Star cast with players from then original DELIVERANCE line-up, TOURNIEQUET, VENGEANCE (early), HERETIC, and THE CRUCIFIED. Limited to just 500 copies - secure your copy now!

The Subversive Kind lineup:

Jimmy P Brown II - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Greg Minier - Guitars (THE CRUCIFIED)
Victor Macias - Bass (TOURNIQUET)
Jim Chaffin - Drums (THE CRUCIFIED)

The Subversive Kind track listing:

1. “Bring 'Em Down”
2. “Concept Of The Other”
3. “Center Of It All”
4. “The Black Hand”
5. “Epilogue”
6. “Listen Closely”
7. “The Subversive Kind”
8. “The Fold”
9. “C-One-9” (new studio bonus track)
10. “Paraphrased” (new studio bonus track)

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The Subversive Kind Gold Disc Edition pre-order:


* Guitarist George Ochoa returns to DELIVERANCE (Facebook - February 1, 2024):

“We are pleased to announce the return of George Rene Ochoa to Deliverance! The chemistry of Jimmy P. Brown II and George Ochoa was first felt on the Victory Tour, then going into the Weapons of our Warfare album as well as the What a Joke album following. It was inevitable for the two to return together for a Deliverance recording as well as live shows!

We are excited for 2024 and beyond. With Manny Morales and now added Phil Borrero (Eraserhead/Camelot 21/Lust Control) bringing the rhythm section to sonic thunder! This lineup proves to bring a powerful reinvigorated sound to an already established force within the metal scene! We look forward to delivering the goods to all eras of fans and beyond!”

Ochoa offers his thoughts:

“I will be teaming back up with Deliverance for a new record and live shows. Jimmy P Brown II and I have always maintained a great friendship throughout the years so it just made sense for us to work on Deliverance together again. I am honored that they considered me. It’s also a privilege for me to finally jam with Manny Morales. I understand that Phil Borrero is a smoking drummer. Looking forward to it all.”

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PERPETUAL LEGACY Reveals Cover Art To Double Album, Teodrama:

Press Release / The acclaimed Brazilian symphonic metal band, PERPETUAL LEGACY revealed today the captivating cover art for their long-awaited double album, Teodrama.

Developed by renowned artist Carlos Fides (EDU FALASCHI, SHAMAN, EVERGREY, etc), the artwork promises to visually encapsulate the depth and grandeur of the sonic experience that awaits fans.

The album Teodrama is an audacious immersion in the four fundamental pillars that make up the structure of the Bible: Creation, Fall, Redemption and Consummation. This musically rich work promises to transport listeners on an epic journey, where each of the double disc's 20 tracks uniquely and intensely explores these crucial theological elements.

The band offers its thoughts about the collaboration with Carlos Fides: “We have been with Fides since the cover of the first album and we enjoyed working with him, as in addition to delivering results of the highest standard, he is direct, assertive and punctual in his deadlines.”

Regarding the album and its concept, vocalist Michelle Braglia says: “The theme and the sound created an album that we always wanted to hear. This CD shows our evolution as musicians, singers, composers and writers, which made it possible for us to incorporate elements that we had not explored in our previous works. The public will be surprised! The concept is spectacular, since in 20 tracks we play and sing the only Narrative that involves all humanity and the only divinity in which we believe, the Triune God. The listener will notice that the songs not only contain biblical references, but they also touch on the past, present and future. It’s a beautiful, profound and transformative theme.”

The band is currently in talks with several labels about the release of Teodrama, which should take place by the end of this first half of 2024.

Check out the music video for the single “119: Theme Of my Songs”, released in 2021:


Michelle Braglia - Lead Vocals
Lucas Fernandes - Guitars
Matheus Maia - Bass
Rafael Lobo - Piano and Keyboards
Renan Costa - Drums

Listen to PERPETUAL LEGACY on your favorite streaming platform:


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NICK LEONARD Re-Releases His 2021 Solo Album, Revelation:
Album Release: January 1, 2024:

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Nick Leonard re-mixed, re-mastered and re-released his independent March of 2021 fourth album Revelation. As noted by the veteran doom-metal artist: “Originally released in 2021, this album was a huge project for me, but as hard as I worked on it, I wasn't totally happy with the final production. Since I spent so long originally writing and recording the music, I felt it deserved another take.

“This version has all new drum performances and a new mix from the ground up. While I kept the rest of the original performances, the production and tones were all re-tooled, and what I had hoped would be an easy re-mixing job ended up being another big chunk of time throughout 2022-2023. I've certainly gotten this album much more in line with my original vision, and I hope you enjoy it!”

He goes into further detail behind the albums concept:

Revelation is a concept album based on the Book of Revelation. The lyrics are all directly taken from the source and cover the prophetic vision in its entirety in chronological order. The music was written to the words, with the goal of expressing the content through the tone and character of the music. It's narrative-driven music that's familiar without fitting neatly into a particular mold or subgenre with lots of dynamic and tonal shifts. The music broadly falls into the melodic doom genre, with thrash, power, and black metal influences.”

As noted in the 85% Angelic Warlord review: ”(Revelation) paints a picture of the doom-like found in toiling but relentless riffing, profuse low-end heaviness and lower-register vocals to touch upon the somber. It also mirrors the Gothic with a dark and somber sound hinting of melancholic Saviour Machine aesthetics. Either way it adds up to a portentously apocalyptic scenario in perfect step with the histrionic subject (and music) at hand!”

Revelation (Remixed/Re-Mastered) track listing:

1. “A Crown Of Life”
2. “Open The Scroll”
3. “A Pale Horse”
4. “Seven Trumpets”
5. “The Smoke Of The Incense”
6. “Seven Thunders”
7. “The Accuser”
8. “A Mark On The Right Hand”
9. “The Bowls Of Wrath”
10. “Babylon The Great”
11. “A Prison For Every Foul Spirit”
12. “Logos”
13. “The Flesh Of Kings”
14. “Keep The Prophecy”
15. “The Time Is At Hand”

Revelation (Remixed/Re-Mastered) download:

Revelation (Remixed/Re-mastered) streaming:

Robert Sweet On STRYPER’s Upcoming ‘Unplugged’ Tour:
Courtesy of

STRYPER drummer Robert Sweet spoke to Waste Some Time With Jason Green about the band's upcoming ‘To Hell With The Amps: The Unplugged Tour’, which will kick off in late May. For the first time ever, the Christian rockers will stage a full tour where they will perform their hits and fan favorites acoustically.

Robert said (as transcribed by "Well, actually, we've done it before (where we played acoustically), but probably not to this extent. We have - I'm gonna say maybe 20, 30 times gone out and done shows where it was like 'Unplugged' on MTV. They were acoustic shows, and I really had a fun time doing it. I mean, I didn't have to come off stage with my hair knotted and my clothes ripped and stuck to my body from sweat, exhausted with my fingers bleeding. It's actually kind of a nice thing. But it's still fun. So I really do like it."

He continued: "I think a lot of people, when they hear that right off the bat, they go, 'No, man, I wanna see STRYPER in the way that I've seen them in their videos or seen them in the past.' But it's a new thing. I mean, not a new thing, but it's something that I think when fans see it, they go, 'Wow, I really like it. I'm really surprised,' only because I've heard this said before. And I still play a little tiny drum set… But it really is a lot of fun. And we've had a lot of people say, 'Well, I was really surprised. I didn't think I'd like it. But I came and I realized, wow, this is great. This is seeing another side of the band I never got to see.'"

When ‘To Hell With The Amps: The Unplugged Tour’ was first announced earlier this month, Robert's brother, STRYPER front man Michael Sweet, said: "We'll be announcing many more acoustic dates over the next few months (in support of our new acoustic album coming this year) and an electric tour (in support of our new electric album coming later this year).

"We're celebrating our 40 year anniversary as a band!

"The acoustic album has been in the works for a while and we're so excited to announce that it's finally getting released! I can assure you, this is unlike any other acoustic album that you've ever heard before. It has fire, energy and a feel that is so unique. The new electric album will be our best studio effort to date. No filler, all killer. Thank you all for 40 years of support and for being a part of the STRYPER Army".

Less than a year ago, Michael shot down speculation that STRYPER's latest album, The Final Battle marked the swan song for the veteran Christian hard rock band.

"A lot of people assume that because of the title of the album that it's our last album and that this is our last tour," Sweet told The Spokesman-Review in May 2023. "But it's not our final anything."

The Final Battle, released in October 2022 via Frontiers Music Srl, is about Armageddon. "The material is about something much bigger than our band," Sweet explained. "We don't plan to hang it up. When the time comes, we'll announce that it's our last tour and when we announce that, it will be our final tour. We won't be like other bands who claim it's their last tour when it's not."

The follow-up to 2020's Even The Devil Believes, The Final Battle was produced by Sweet and was once again recorded at SpiritHouse Recording Studios in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Formed 41 years ago, STRYPER's name comes from Isaiah 53:5, which states: "But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisem*nt of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed."

STRYPER's albums include To Hell With The Devil, Second Coming, No More Hell To Pay, Fallen, God Damn Evil and the aforementioned Even The Devil Believes and The Final Battle.

Robert and Michael are joined in STRYPER by Oz Fox (guitar) and Perry Richardson (bass).

STRYPER online: &


* “Thunderbird Yell”is a recently released single composed by Rex Carroll and Fred Mika:

“Thunderbird Yell” lineup:

David Reece (ACCEPT, BANGALORE CHOIR) - Lead Vocals
Rex Carroll (WHITECROSS, FIERCE HEART) - Guitars
Fred Mika (SUNROAD, EARTH A.D.) - Drums

Mixed and mastered by Rex Carroll.

* RAINFORCE release new single, “Almost Holy”:

The song is the title track to the group’s forthcoming album scheduled for release this spring.

RAINFORCE line-up:

Jordan Cutajar - Lead Vocals
Michael Piranio - Lead Guitar
Andy La Morte - Rhythm Guitar
Jan Thomas - Bass
Benjamin Mann - Drums

* FEAR NOT release new single, “Lay It All Down”:

The song is off the groups 2022 Roxx Records release Fields Of Sorrow.

Roxx Records offers further detail:

“The band is very excited to release the brand new single “Lay It All Down” consisting of both live and behind the scenes footage. The new single is being serviced to radio as of January 24, 2024, so lets push this one to all your favorite stations. And if they say they dont have it send 'em our way. Fear Not are currently working on new music to bring you in the near future, but for now keep rocking 'Fields of Sorrow' and share the new single 'Lay It All Down' wherever you hear your music!”

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New Album From PASTOR BRAD, Against The Grain:
Album Release: January 5, 2024

Further details from the artist :

“Against The Grain is an album of 80s style Christian metal, designed to get your head bangin' and your heart pumping for Christ! The theme ‘Against The Grain’ is all about the reality that we are called to NOT conform to the patter of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). We are called to follow our King, Jesus, ‘Against The Grain’ of the pattern of this world- and stand out as Kingdom salt and light for His glory!

“All ten songs are original compositions, filled with all of the riffs, guitar solos, melodic heavy grooves, and big, monster choruses fans of 80s metal love! So, dive in and enjoy--and may Jesus be exalted and glorified with every note!”

A Brief Bio:

Pastor Brad is exactly who he sounds like, a Pastor named Brad- who is also an 80s style, Christian metal recording artist. Growing up during the golden age of metal, Brad picked up the guitar in 1982. In 1987 he became a Christian, a decision that revolutionized his life & continues to do so to this day. In 2004 he launched Pastor Brad Rocks as a platform for sharing his music with the world. To date, Brad has released more than two hundred songs!

Brad has been blessed to work with several of his heroes! Richard Lynch & Dee Harrington (SAINT) appear on several songs on Reshredded (2006). Les Carlsen (BLOODGOOD) laid the lead vocal on “He Loves Me” (Break Out, 2010) & Ken Tamplin contributed the lead vocal on “Turn Up The Light” (Break Out, 2010).

Christian Metal Pastor:

Being both a Christian Pastor & a Hard Rock/Metal artist/music fan, Brad has a strong desire to serve the ‘heavy music’ community. The Primary Aim of The Pastor Brad Rocks Channel is to Rock You (everyone) Up for Jesus with Classic Style Christian Hard Rock & Metal Music, & Practical Bible Teaching. Pastor Bob Beeman of Sanctuary International is another "Christian Metal Pastor" (who I respect deeply). My hope is that this channel, in concert with others like Pastor Bob's will serve the Christian Hard Music Community well and reach Hard Rock & Metal Spiritual Seekers--with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

How To Describe Pastor Brad’s Music:

If you tossed Stryper, KISS, Iron Maiden, Whitecross, AC/DC, Barren Cross, Metallica, Idle Cure, Motley Crue, Petra, Judas Priest, SAINT, Ozzy Osbourne, Theocracy, Van Halen, Ken Tamplin, Scorpions, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, Randy Rhoads, Angus Young, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and Peter Criss into a CHRISTIAN BLENDER and they came out playing Christian Hard Rock and Classic Metal Music, you’d have Pastor Brad’s classic 80s style Christian Hair Metal Music!

Against The Grain track listing:

1. “Against The Grain”
2. “Caught Up In You”
3. “Holy Fight”
4. “King Of Kings”
5. “Livin’ For The Cross”
6. “Without You”
7. “Comin’ Around”
8. “Rise”
9. “Something’s Coming”
10. “Wake Up Oh Sleeper”

Christian Metal Resource - Angelic Warlord (24)


KEVIN PIKE, Heavenly Realms Details Revealed By Roxx Records:
Album Release: February 16, 2024

Press Release / Roxx Records is once again working with mega talented guitarist Kevin Pike (ARSENAL) to release his sophom*ore instrumental album Heavenly Realms. This time he once again recruited the legendary Timothy Gaines (STRYPER/ALDO NOVA) to release 9 brilliant new musical recordings that will have you rocking from the start. Hearken back to the 80’s and early 90’s when you used to look out for those killer instrumental albums on Shrapnel Records back then, this is what you are getting here. Brand new killer riffing and shredding heading your way this February. Let’s hear what Kevin has to say about this new release:

“My goal for Heavenly Realms comes from a long-standing musical desire to bring a guitar instrumental to the Christian rock community that would carry the baton of such artists as Jeff Scheetz (Woodpecker Stomp), Joey Tafolla (Out of the Sun), Lanny Cordola (Electric Warrior, Acoustic Saint), and Chis Impellitteri (Stand in Line). We have not seen that type of release in many years.”

Kevin has quite the extensive musical background, graduating from GIT (Musicians Institute), spending time in ARSENAL, and studying privately with Paul Gilbert (MR. BIG), Bruce Bouillet (RACER X), and Steve Lynch (AUTOGRAPH). This killer training and studying has provided him with the musical tools needed to reach the goal of giving us Heavenly Realms.

Further details from the artist:

“So much of the above-mentioned players musical DNA is weaved into this release, either through inspiration or actual techniques learned directly from them. Every great guitar instrumental requires an amazing rhythm section, so I called upon the iconic Tim Gaines on bass and Arnaud Krakowka on drums. They are both incredible musicians and people! Next, a great instrumental needs a great record label to understand the vision. Thank you to Roxx Records for the release and Bill Bafford for being the Executive Producer of Heavenly Realms.”

Kevin and Roxx are wanting Heavenly Realms to inspire all artists, whether you play music or create art. We hope this music and cover art can inspire you to be creative to the glory of God! The world needs your art too! Check out what these cool folks had to say about Kevin and Heavenly Realms.

Heavenly Realms is a beautiful mixture of melody, innovation, finesse, dynamics, and heart and soul. For those who desire something new and refreshing, this is a 'must-add' to your collection!”

Steve Lynch - AUTOGRAPH (RCA Records)

“It was not that long ago when Arsenal guitarist, Kevin Pike, unleashed his debut solo instrumental album, Guitar Graffiti, upon us. Enlisting the aid of longtime Stryper bass player, Timothy Gaines, and drummer, Arnaud Krakowka, Pike delivered an EP of insane speed, technical virtuosity, and melodic textures that I had not encountered in quite some time. As a huge fan of the old Shrapnel Records shred albums, it was a pleasant surprise, to say the least, to hear a player weave the type of musical magic that Pike did on that first all-too-short effort. Now, less than 18 months later, Pike has returned to blaze his way into your soul once again with his new full-length release, Heavenly Realms”.

Arttie Parker - Positive Rock Review

Pre Orders are live now and there is a very special pre order incentive, only for the first 50 orders. You will receive a very special pack that includes not 1 but 2 signed guitar picks, 1 signed by Kevin Pike, the other signed by Tim Gaines. Also in this pack you will get a limited edition pedal topper boasting the cool colors of yellow and black. These toppers are courtesy of Tone Toppers, who Kevin is endorsed with, and who Tim also uses. Whether you play or not, this is a very cool collectible for all. So don’t hesitate, get in early at the special pre order price to secure one of these awesome sets.

Heavenly Realms track listing:

1. “Atomic Dragon”
2. “Heavenly Realms”
3. “The Landing”
4. “Future World”
5. “Beyond The Valley”
6. “Ode To The King”
7. “G.P.S. (Gaines/Pike/Station)”
8. “Orion”
9. “The Journey Home”

Heavenly Realms pre-order:

Christian Metal Resource - Angelic Warlord (25)

Kevin Pike online:

Maximum Strength: The Best Of The First Decade, TRUE STRENGTH Compilation On Roxx Records:
Album Release: February 16, 2024

Press Release / In celebration of TRUE STRENGTH's first decade of existence, Roxx Records is set to release Maximum Strength: The Best of the First Decade on CD! The album is jammed packed with twelve songs: eleven of the most downloaded, most popular songs from each release from the band's first ten years, plus an exclusive bonus track! An incredible 77 minutes of music showcasing the musical progression and passion of TRUE STRENGTH's biblical-based, Christian songwriting! If you are not familiar with TRUE STRENGTH, you now have the opportunity to discover what so many around the world have come to love about this band, all on one disc! Fans of bands like IRON MAIDEN, HELLOWEEN, DIO, BLACK SABBATH, MEGADETH, METALLICE, HAMMERFALL, MANOWAR, SAINT, DEEP PURPLE, STRYPER, PETRA, APRIL WINE, LEVITICUS, SAXON, JOURNEY and RUSH will love TRUE STRENGTH.

As noted by founding member, guitarist and bassist Ryan ‘The Archangel’ Darnell:

"I have been greatly blessed by God to have had the opportunity to play and record with world-class musicians and producers. As a Christian songwriter, it is amazing to see everything come together for the glory of God. I am under no delusions... none of this would've been possible without Jesus Christ."

The album features the most popular, most downloaded songs from The Cross Will Always Prevail, Steel Evangelist, Sanguinary Vivification, The Mighty Hand Of Yahweh, and The House, The Holy, The Third albums as well as the new, exclusive single, "The Holy Spirit"! Over ten different musicians are featured on this release, each talented, skilled and unique in their abilities! The album features the incredible artwork of Ryan Close and layout by Scott Waters!

Maximum Strength: The Best of the First Decade is scheduled to be released in CD format through Roxx Records in February 16, 2024.

Maximum Strength: The Best of the First Decade track listing:

1. "Christian Battle Cry" (The Cross Will Always Prevail)
2. "Steel Evangelist" (Steel Evangelist)
3. "His Blood Is On Us" (Sanguinary Vivification)
4. "Joshua" (The Mighty Hand Of Yahweh)
5. "Chariot Of God" (The House, The Holy, The Third)
6. "Michael The Archangel" (The Cross Will Always Prevail)
7. "The War We Fight" (Steel Evangelist)
8. "Worthy Is The Lamb" (Sanguinary Vivification)
9. "Blood-soaked Waters Of Merom" (The Mighty Hand Of Yahweh)
10. "Starve The Fires Of Molech" (The Cross Will Always Prevail)
11. "Don't Take The Mark of the Beast" (Steel Evangelist)
12. "The Holy Spirit" (bonus track)

Maximum Strength: The Best of the First Decade pre-order:

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Jimmy P. Brown II In Regards To The Future Of DELIVERANCE (Facebook - January 17, 2024):

“Deliverance is in pre-production for a new studio album. And, with the writing and creative always comes some change. I have always took great care to preserve the Deliverance brand and make sure to not repeat the past for sake of demand, record company requests or plainly stated: laziness! To try and create something that will appeal to all eras of fans for Deliverance without alienating some has always been a difficult task at best! Some would say impossible. But, I have never believed that!

“All that I can tell you about this new album is it is not what you are expecting! Some think it will lean one way or another, some think it will have no edge! Some propose it will be like mid era Deliverance, while others believe a true return to the synergy that made Deliverance to be put on the map! The word synergy is a great descriptive. (Being that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!) So, naysayers and doubters can speak and slag, and people that hope for a return to mid era can hope. But I like to try and present something different with each album, while retaining that inevitable crunch guitar sound and intricate picking style that I implemented back in 1985 with Deliverance. So, you will judge for yourself when it is ‘delivered’…

“I did implement a change of players for 2024. For no other reason than ensuring that the conviction of the player is felt in every note and riff played. Those of you know I am fond of working with many different players throughout the years, so none of these things should come as a shock or surprise. But I do want to say we wish nothing but the absolute best and total blessings for our members that are no longer with us. They have tremendous talent that will always be shown in every creative aspect they pursue.

“So to you, the Deliverance Fans, old and new. This will be a great year with shows and a new album release. I look forward to seeing you all on the road and to you all enjoying the newest offerings that will be presented. And, there are some surprises that I think you will be pleased with that we will announce very soon. So, hang onto your hats! The ride is gonna get bumpy, but will be well worth the trip.”


* Christian metal pastor and heavy metal artist PASTOR BRAD created a video to commemorate the Angelic Warlord top 50 albums of the eighties:

In the words of PASTOR BRAD:

“Brace yourself for an epic journey through the very best of 1980s classic Christian hard rock & metal music! Each album holds a special place in the hearts of true Christian Metalheads who appreciate the fusion of faith and hard rock music.

“Angelic Warlord has long been a beacon for hardcore classic Christian hard rock/metal fans, offering in-depth album reviews, exclusive interviews, the latest news, and a treasure trove of articles dedicated to the genre. Andy Rockwell's expertise shines through as he meticulously compiles this list, showcasing the best of the best from a decade that left an indelible mark on the world of Christian music.

“Whether you're a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the genre, Pastor Brad's channel is your go-to destination for all things Christian living and the epic headbanging world of classic Christian hard rock and metal. Hit play, crank up the volume, and let the nostalgia and power of these timeless albums rock your soul!”

Angelic Warlord would like to extend a special word of thanks to PASTOR BRAD for putting together the video!


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SIGNUM REGIS Release Cover Of MEGADETH Classic “Tornado Of Souls”:

Press Release / The melodic power metal band SIGNUM REGIS just released a cover of the MEGADETH classic "Tornado of Souls". The cover is available as a digital single on all digital platforms, and you can also check out an official music video on YouTube (above).

Bassist Ronnie König of SIGNUM REGIS comments:

"'Tornado of Soul" by Megadeth became iconic for a reason. In the age of Instagram musicians, you can probably find hundreds of covers of this song, because it has had such an impact. However, most of the time, you will find guitar solo covers or drum covers played by an individual. Our cover is very unique, because we did it as a real band. From the legendary guitar solo, through the vocals and amazing audio production by Jacob Hansen to a real music video, we are bringing the full experience. We did our very best to honor this classic the way it deserves and we hope you'll enjoy it!"

Ulterium Records online: &

SIGNUM REGIS online: &

Christian Metal Resource - Angelic Warlord (28)

TRUE STRENGTH Announce Sixth Album, Ancient of Days:

Press Release / TRUE STRENGTH is humbled to announce that their sixth full-length studio album Ancient of Days is coming mid-2024 in both CD and digital formats through Roxx Records! Stay tuned to Roxx Records for more information about the release details in the months to come!

Ancient Of Days track listing:

1. “Taken to Babylon”
2. “Nebuchadnezzar's Dream”
3. “Thrown Into The Fiery Furnace (Shadrach, Meshach, And Abednego)”
4. “Seven Years Of Madness”
5. “The Writing On The Wall (Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin)”
6. “Daniel In The Den Of Lions”
7. “Triumph of the Ancient of Days”
8. “The Ram And The Goat”
9. “Prophecy Of The Seventy Weeks”
10. “Time Of The End”

This is a theme-album based entirely on the Old Testament Book of Daniel. The events of the book are covered from beginning to end, as faithful to Scripture as possible. The lyrics for each song derive from actual scripture in the Book of Daniel!

The album also features the artwork of renowned comic book artist Ward Silverman (Topps Comics, Star Wars)!

Roxx Records online &


Roxx Records Announce Sophom*ore Album From NOT OF THIS WORD, I Am With You:
Album Release: February 16, 2024

Press Release / What do you get if you cross the legendary Christian rockers BRIDE with mainstream rockers ALICE IN CHAINS? Well you get the latest installment from NOT OF THIS WORLD, I Am With You.

Roxx Records is once again very excited to bring you the sophom*ore effort from NOT OF THIS WORLD fronted by the one and only Dale Thompson of BRIDE and featuring the musical talents of Clay Ashbrook.

Here is what Clay had to say about the bands latest release:

“With our second album, at first, I was going for more of a darker acoustic type sound. As the songs progressed, I added a few more rock and metal songs to let Dale really shine and get some screaming in. I have always been a fan of the Alice In Chains sound and their combination of acoustic and metal songs, so that's the closest thing I can compare it to. I think there is something for everyone on this album. I hope you all enjoy it and at least one of the songs can speak to you in some way.”

Building on the success of the bands debut release Never Forget, the band does not disappoint providing a stellar performance on their latest release I Am With You featuring 10 brand new killer tracks.

Debut single and video is now streaming for the track “The Holy One” (above).

I Am With You track listing:

1. “The Holy One”
2. “I'm Not Broken”
3. “Living Sacrifice”
4. “Darkness”
5. “Strangers In A Strange Land”
6. “I Don't Want It Any Other Way”
7. “A New Day”
8. “When Jesus Comes Back”
9. “Lily Of The Valley”
10. “I Am With You”

I Am With You pre-order:

Christian Metal Resource - Angelic Warlord (29)



* Final Fall”, new progressive rock single from MIKE FLORIO:

* VOICE OF GLASS uploaded a video to a new song entitled “Prodigal Son”:

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Angelic Warlord Top 25 Albums of 2023:
The annual Angelic Warlord article counting down the top 25 albums from the previous year can be read: HERE


Christian Metal Resource - Angelic Warlord (31)

Girder Music Announces John Schlitt 3-CD Deluxe Box Set, History:
Album Release: February 16, 2024

Press Release / Embark on an unforgettable journey through the musical legacy of renowned rock vocalist JOHN SCHLITT with the release of History, a Deluxe Edition 3-Disc set curated by the artist himself. This limited edition box set is a testament to the artistic evolution of SCHLITT as a solo artist and features 40 meticulously curated tracks spanning much of his solo career. Each track has been carefully selected by John himself.

History not only showcases SCHLIT's impactful solo career with albums like Shake (1995), Unfit For Swine (1996), The Grafting (2008),The Greater Cause (2012) and Go (2020) but also selections from his band UNION OF SAINTS & SINNERS alongside WHITE HEART founding member, guitarist and vocalist Billy Smiley.

Whether you're a longtime fan or discovering his work for the first time, this Deluxe Edition Box Set is a must-have for those who appreciate the artistry and impact of a true rock legend.

History track listing (Disc One): “Wake The Dead”, “Go”, “Inside Of You”, “God Is Too Big”, “The Gift (Doria’s Song)”, “Where Would I Be”, “I Still Believe”, “The Cross Remains”, “Mountain Top”, “Run”, “There Is Someone” , “One More Shot”, “Gravity”, “Fighting The Fight”

History track listing (Disc Two): “Beyond Belief”, “Your Eyes”, “Faith And Freedom”, “Show Me the Way”, “Can’t Get Away”, “10,000 Strong”, “The Hard Way”, “Helping Hand”, “Let It Show”, “My Offering”, “Don’t Look Back”, “I Killed A Man”, “Find A Way”

History track listing (Disc Three): “Fake News”, “Take Me Home”, “Keep Your Light On”, “Only Men”, “Carry The Burden”, “Stand”, “The Grafting”, “Live It Loud”, “Feel It”, “The Road To Calvary”, “Hope That Saves The World”, “We Worship You”, “God of Wonders”

History pre-order:


* Roxx Records 2023 recap and 2024 upcoming releases:

* ”Scarred”, official instrumental video from guitarist Markus Sigfridsson (HARMONY, DARKWATER):

* “Al For The One” is a new song off the upcoming Roxx Records SHINING FORCE album Spiritual Warfare:

The group released a video to the song “King Of Kings” last month:

* New single from LEAH, “Archangel”:

The song is scheduled to appear on the Vancouver, BC based symphonic metal vocalist and composers forthcoming (February 16, 2024 release) album, The Glory And The Fallen. Further details in regards to “Archangel” from the artist:

“”Archangel” was a really fun song to write and came easily and naturally. It’s one of those songs that felt like it wrote itself. It’s a song about the more ominous side of angelic warfare and the interaction between humans and the realm beyond. I hope you enjoy the concept and the music!”

Glory And The Fallen can be pre-ordered at:

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New Symphonic Metal Album From LEAH, The Glory And The Fallen:
Album Release: February 16, 2024

The Glory And The Fallen, the upcoming sixth album from LEAH, marks a new evolution for Vancouver, BC based the singer-songwriter. Introducing new challenges and hitting new territories in the songwriting phase, this album not only promises to be her most epic and groundbreaking project yet, but it is a monumental soundscape inspired by fantasy, history and personal journey.

The much-anticipated new release will feature appearances from renowned musicians Mark Jansen (EPICA, MAYAN), Timo Somers (Arjen Lucassen, ex DELAIN), Sander Zoer (DELAIN), and was produced by Oliver Philipps (EVERON, PHANTASMA). The amazing artwork was created by Giannis Nakos (KAMELOT, EVERGREY, AMARANTHE).

Further details from the artist:

“For as long as I can remember, music has been my passion and my escape.

“Two years ago, I could feel new music blossoming in my heart, trying to break free - a calling I couldn't ignore. Despite the chaos of life's demands, I had to answer. I poured my soul into creating The Glory And the Fallen: a symphonic metal album infused with fantastical themes of epic battles, angelic warfare, and overcoming darkness.

“Music has always been my reprieve in a noisy world. As a young mom, touring wasn't an option so I found a way to build my music career from home. It was far from glamorous. Late nights composing after the house fell asleep, my days spent home schooling my five kids and fighting through rejections from labels who said I'd never succeed without touring. There were times I wanted to give up. Moments of seeming defeat where the obstacles seemed too vast. But your support kept me going and ignited!

“With each album, my fan base grew, and a vision emerged: to create music that transported listeners to other realms, gave them hope in times of struggle, reminding them they weren't alone. Your belief in me and my music made that possible.

“For this album, I poured heart and soul into crafting an epic metal experience. Tales of humanity's triumphs and failures. A call to rise up in hard times. A reminder of the light that is all around us.

“This music was born from my life's passion and your unwavering support. Now it's ready to take flight. I hope you'll join me on this journey and help give voice to this musical story. Your pledge means the world. Let's launch this album together!

“The 12 tracks weave symphonic metal with Celtic, folk, and world music influences for a sound unlike anything I’ve created before. Each song was born from visions that came to life in my studio- otherworldly times and places I felt called to explore. I hope this music transports you to those realms as it did for me in creating it.

“Years of work have led to this outpouring of my heart and soul. I hope you'll join me on the journey of launching this album. Your support is what gives this music wings- together, let's bring these songs to life!”

Album Credits:

All songs written by Leah McHenry
Mixed & mastered by Tom Müller of Flatliners Studio
Produced by Oliver Philipps
Vocal Arrangements by Leah McHenry & Oliver Philipps
Artwork & layout by Giannis Nakos

Line Up & Guest Appearances:

Lead vocals & Keyboards: Leah McHenry
Guitars & Bass: Timo Somers
Drums: Sander Zoer
Orchestrations, programming, additional keyboard & guitars: Oliver Philipps
Harsh vocals on “Sleeping Giant” & “Unshakable”: Mark Jansen
Additional violin on “Victory”, “Dream Voyage” & “No More Fear”: Dagda (Celtibeerian)
Vocals on “Unshakable”, “Elektra” & “Victory”: Geneva (Leah’s daughters)
Vocals on “Victory”: Oliver Philipps & Timo Somers
Vocals on “Revive: Syr

The Glory And The Fallen track listing:

1. “Archangel”
2. “No More Fear”
3. “Unshakable”
4. “Speak To Me”
5. “Dream Voyage”
6. “Revive”
7. “Little Stars”
8. “Wings Of Time”
9. “Sleeping Giant”
10. “Before This War Is Over”
11. “Victory”
12. “Glow”

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Christian Metal Resource - Angelic Warlord (32)

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Christian Metal Resource - Angelic Warlord (2024)
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